Meet Matt Lynch - Head of Search for Perth SEO company

Introducing the driving force behind leading Perth SEO and Online Marketing company Search Group

Matt Lynch's position in Search Group is as Head of Search. His primary role in this position is to drive targeted traffic for clients to their websites, increasing website traffic and generating conversions leading to a Return On Investment (ROI) for the business owners.

Matt does this through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the use of Social Media Marketing (SEM), and enhancing client's websites so that they are at the top of their game in performance and ready to receive the traffic then capture it, and generate the interaction and conversions.

Over the last 20 years Matt Lynch have been involved in IT, and has built up a toolkit of skills and knowledge that combine very well for his current role. Matt started in IT from a design background winning state awards in art and technical design. In the past he has had involvement with:
  • graphic and print design
  • website design and development
  • internet marketing
  • worked with small business startups
  • enhanced his IT skills in telecommunication, audio, video, hardware and system administration
  • evolving and new technologies and leveraging these for businesses
From this background Matt considers himself different to many of the other standard SEO's in the market as when he looks at a website there is no point driving traffic to a website if it doesn't convert to sales for the client... they will be unhappy regardless, so he is able to make recommendations that support Search Group's online marketing packages of SEO, SEM and SocialMedia activities so that everything works hand-in-hand together:
  • design and layout
  • navigation and usability
  • efficiency and functionality of the website, architecture and infrastructure
  • security and confidence
  • ... as well as what Search Engines are looking for to integrate with their rules and search bots.
Matt considers that once we get the eyeballs on the website:
  • we want them to hang around and spend time on the site
  • we want them to engage with the client and create a conversion, pick up a phone, send an email, make a sale.
  • we want them to tell others about it to bring attention to their friends, family and co-workers
  • we want them to want to follow along, and come back, creating loyalty.
Matt is charismatic and energetic, technical but also able to convey what needs to be done simply, clearly and efficiently. Search Engine Optimisation is a particular passion and interest of Matt. His skill set has built companies online profiles and placed them competitively at the forefront of their industries over time. Over many years Matt has been through the continual wave of change in this discipline and has learnt to base his methodology in sound principles that have stood the test of time. Matt has lectured and presented on SEO topics, and maintains an online connection with the industry so that he is always aware of industry trends and advancement.

Matt is well versed in marketing via newly developed online methodologies, and has practiced and established marketing through RSS syndication, i-mode, Facebook, Twitter, EDMs, applications and gadgets, affiliate programs and competitions just to list some of his experience. Matt has worked with press agencies, online media agencies and portal sites to promote products and services to specific channels managing multi-million dollar campaigns.

Matt regularly blogs and comments on SEO, online marketing, design and development through Social Media and can be found:

We would love your business to be able to use Matt's knowledge to improve your online sales, so talk to our online marketing consultants at Search Group on 1300 100 000, email or visit the website to learn more about our available packages at


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