A Little Offer for a Little Icon - favicon.ico

If your website is not currently taking advantage of a simple and important web design feature known as the favicon, then you are missing out on some additional brand exposure and instilling brand recognition into your website visitors. The favicon (abbreviation for favourite icon), is a visual representation of your business, and is normally the logo of your business.

So where is the favicon seen?

First and formost the favicon is seen as the little icon in the URL address bar of your web browser next to your website address. When users bookmark or save your website to their favourites apart from the title of the website being stored as a link, the favicon image appears next to your link in the users browser. If they also put your website in to their links bar within the browser or drag the favourite to their desktop for easy access, this favicon is used as the icon representing your business website. As well, in web browser tabbed browsing, the favicon is next to the website name on each tab…

So as you can see this simple, effective, visual reminder, really helps your website stand out of the crowd, and should encourage users to come back and revisit your site.

Some search engines actually check to see if your website has a favicon, and may use this as part of their ranking algorithm as they determine how professional your website is, which could help to determine whether your website should appear above another. So when they check, and they don’t find one in the default location it may also trigger unnecessary 404 Errors (Page not Found) which we would like to avoid.

Now that you can see how important it is to have this little thing in place, how do you get one?

If you already have a website designer please contact them directly and request them to get this implemented for your website, creating the icon logo, locating this on the server, and ensuring it is in the default location and each page of your site has the necessary meta tag pointing to it indicating that it now exists.

If you would like Search Group to get this done for you please let me know as I will have our own internal design/development team do this for you. 

Contact us for a free no obligation quote on our services.

Create a memorable icon for your brand with Search Group.

... the small things do matter!


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