Free SEO 101 Seminars with Search Group

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Search Group located in West Perth, run regular small group seminars each month on a range of topics including SEO 101 and Social Media. The seminars run for two hours and include a light lunch and an opportunity to network with other businesses whilst discussing Search Marketing.

If you would like to understand what SEO is all about, and how it can generate targeted traffic for your website then contact our search team on 1300 100 000 or send through a seminar request via the website:

During the SEO 101 training sessions we will provide a look at the basics of SEO and what is needed for your website to be found online covering:
-  how Search Engines work
-  how users interact with Search Engines
-  why Search Engine Optimisation is necessary
-  what is the difference to Search Engine Marketing - PPC
-  the constantly changing environment
-  using real world examples to put it all together
-  Black Hat, Grey Hat, White Hat?
-  advanced SEO
-  question time

This is a great opportunity to look at and discuss some of your own websites during the session and pull them apart and receive SEO advice and answers to any questions you may have.


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