Add a Blog to your online marketing approach

Adding a blog to your current website is a beneficial activity to increase interest in your website and business services and products. It creates one of our preferred sticky effects, where website users are able to add, subscribe or follow your blog and retain a connection to your business whereby you can market to. A blog also provides a forum for you to make announcements, updates, and share knowledge and advice in an area where you have knowledge and know how.

My recommendations are using a Blogger blog due to the relationship with Google ownership, and content crawling associating to being found more readily within Google's own SERPs. It is free to set up and there are a wealth of template designs that you can choose from, add a logo and you are away...

More intimate template customisation is possible, and our own design team can create a customised template to match your business branding activities as well as assist in creating additional cross pollenation activities for stickiness such as adding links/follow integration with FourSquare, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. This is a good initial strategy to help cross promote your other Social Media activities encouraging uptake within different Social Media verticals.

Once you have your blog set up, customised, particularly with your contact details and bio, it can assist in providing additional back links into your primary domain shaped around keyword anchor text and draw clients into the business portion of your online activities where they can then request quotes or go into your online shopping cart if this is what you use.

Determine a frequency, as in how often you will blog, and this may be a weekly task or when special information is worth releasing about your business or service area.

Ensure you have a good link strategy back from your website and other social media back into your blog to cross promote this, and also add it to your sitemap for search engines to crawl.

Consider opening your blogs to comments, and thus creating communciation, but I would suggest ensuring you have the moderation option set as unfortunately there are still a few spammers out there which need to be filtered out. Engage with your clients and ask for their feedback, this will then provide you with an informed look at your own business and what clients require.


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